CP Points and Rewards
CP Points are the points that were introduced to CheckerChain with Onboarding Portal going to the mainnet. For the actions in the platform that generates value, users are rewarded with CP Points. The list of actions and the associated rewards in the platform for onboarding platform are
CP Points
Valid Till
Reward Portal Launch
Profile Completion
Reward Portal Launch
Reward Portal Launch
All these CP points get accumulated every month for users based on their engagement. The actions and their associated points might be changed with the growth of the platform but the reward mechanism remains the same.

Reward Mechanism

At the end of every month, 0.1% of the total token supply i.e, 2,100,000 tokens will be distributed to the users in the CheckerChain based on their CP points. The rewards gained by the users will be based on the percentage share of the CP points in that particular month. This excites a really competitive market in CheckerChain that will help in raising the value of $CHECKR eventually. With more adoption and more people joining the platform, the rewards gained by early adopters will be significant. Another advantage of using this reward mechanism is the constant and predictable inflation of the $CHECKR token
Rewards_obtained_by_user_each_month = (Total CP points gained in a month) * 2,100,000/(Total CP points of all the users)
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