Liquidity Reward Portal (LRP)

Anyone who provides liquidity in Liquidity Reward Portal for $CHECKR-$EGLD of {} pool will get LP tokens named "TBD". These LP tokens can be staked in our LRP portal to earn $CHECKR reward. This is called Yield Farming.

A total of 175,000,000 $CHECKR tokens are allocated in this LR Portal for 8 years reward period as defined in tokenomics.


  • Earn $CHECKR rewards Earn more $CHECKR with your $CHECKR. Reward claims can be done at any time. 10% is unlocked immediately and 90% is vested for 180 days.

  • Earn even more $CHECKR rewards Whenever a reward from the Vesting pool is claimed early by another Liquidity Provider, 20% of early claim is charged. Part of this revenue will be distributed as bonus reward to all Yield farmers.

  • Power up your Checker Profile Level By depositing your $CHECKR in the LRP, you will be eligible for future in-platform airdrops that can be used to boost or level up your Checker Profile Rank.

WARNING: Depositing $CHECKR in LRP is for long-term hodlers only! READ ON.

Depositing $CHECKR

You can use the LR Portal by depositing equal value amounts of $CHECKR and $EGLD.

$CHECKR LP Removal Fee

Because $CHECKR is so extremely valuable, there is a withdrawal fee of 0% on all tokens exiting the LRP. This amount remains in the LRP, and is split proportionally among the remaining liquidity providers.

Claiming $CHECKR Rewards

You must deposit $CHECKR via to be able to receive these rewards. $CHECKR deposited via the Maiar pool interface will not earn rewards.

Whenever you claim $CHECKR from the LRP, it only yields you 10% of the accrued $CHECKR immediately, and the remaining 90% needs to be sent to the vesting schedule.

This ratio decreases over time (at 0.5% per day).

There are two types of fees: (a) LP Removal fee of 1%. (b) Early Claim Penalty of 20% from Vesting Pool

🚨 Risks

Beta Warning

CheckerChain LPR is in beta phase. Please explore and join the LRP at your own risk.

Impermanent Loss

Depositing into the Liquidity Reward Portal may expose you to impermanent loss. “impermanent loss is the difference between holding tokens in an AMM and holding them in your wallet.” - Nate Hindman​ (as explained in this link).

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