Review Portal

CheckerChain is a review-to-earn platform built on trustless review consensus mechanism (tRCM) using AI/ML and blockchain technology. This review portal serves 2 unique features:

a. Review to earn b. Trustless reviews

Review procedures are handled by AI/ML and all review data are stored in blockchain.

Anyone can create a profile in CheckerChain portal to submit a product. Currently, CheckerChain accepts only product of "blockchain & crypto" category.

Steps to submit a product successfully:

  1. Make sure to log in

  2. Browse to

  3. Fill out all required fields including logo and cover image

  4. Submit the "Product Creation" transaction

  5. Await success notification

All successfully published products are immediately distributed to reviewers on random choices of preference. Reviewers get a task to analyze the product within 24 hours.

Steps to submit a review successfully:

  1. Make sure to log in

  2. Check review tasks in notification

  3. Click the review task to open review portal

  4. Perform all tasks with your knowledge and proper research

  5. Try to review honestly since result must be within consensus

  6. Better the consensus, better the rewards

  7. Missed tasks or Failed consensus can negatively impact profile score and reward amount.

  8. Submit the "Review" transaction within 24 hours.

  9. Await success notification

Every 24 hours, all products and profiles are updated. Based on trust score, consensus score and profile scores, rewards are allocated. Claim the reward from reward portal every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to pay to publish a product? - Yes. You will need at least 5000 $CHECKR and transaction fees of $EGLD

  2. Do I need to pay to review a product? - You need to get selected to perform a review. And you must have at least 500 $CHECKR to submit a review.

  3. Are review and feedback same? - No. Review is in-depth analysis submitted by reviewers for consensus. Feedback is similar to comment submitted by influencers. Feedback does not affect Trust Score of a product.

  4. How much can I earn by publishing a product? - Depends on how much trust score your product receives. Every month, posters are rewarded from the pool of 708,333 $CHECKR (in 2023).

  5. How much can I earn by reviewing a product? - Depends on how much profile score you receive. Every month, reviewers are rewarded from the pool of 2,125,000 $CHECKR (in 2023).

  6. When can I claim my rewards? - Epoch for Posters and Reviewers is monthly. Expect the reward distribution within 7th of every month.

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