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What is CheckerChain Protocol?

CheckerChain protocol is a trustless review to earn ecosystem that powers up a decentralized review aggregator platform to check products for their validity and authentic feedback.
Built on blockchain technology. CHECKR is the governance and utility token of CheckerChain protocol with max supply of 2.1 billion.
Summarized Use cases:
(a) review platform for finding out the best products (b) finding out if products are fake or not (b) Launching platform for entrepreneurs (c) Getting instant feedback and sentiments from real users (d) finding the market trends and market positioning analytics (e) getting up to date with new happenings
Users can simply post products using CHECKR token - they are called "Posters". Users can participate as "Reviewers" who validate the product. Users can be given a badge of "Creator" for original makers. Posts and reviews can be influenced further by "influencers" (does not change scores but changes visibility).
No duplicate posts or products are allowed. Re-validation can be requested after 30 days using CHECKR token by anyone to trigger the latest feedback or sentiment related to that product.
Rewards = New Mint + All fees + Sponsored posts
Fees: (a) Poster fee (b) Reviewer fee (c) Ad submission fee
Web: App: Docs: ANN Telegram: htpps:// Community Telegram: Twitter: Reddit: Mainnet Address:
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