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Types of staking program

  1. Regular staking: [ Live ] The amount of reward is fixed per epoch (number of block duration 18000). The locked-in period is 15 days (number of block duration 270,000). When the locked-in period ends, un-staking is instant without penalty. Un-staking within the locked-in period charges a penalty of 20%. Rewards can be claimed at the end of the epoch (number of block duration 18000). Minimum required $CHECKR to stake is 3000. Re-stake resets the lockup period. Re-stake rewards immediately to earn better.

Penalty revenue goes to the monthly leaderboard reward.

Staking Model

Staking rewards are scheduled in 2 vesting phases. For the first 8 years period, 75m $CHECKR tokens are allocated. After 8 years, staking rewards are distributed from 10% of the revenue.

75m CHECKR are allocated for "Regular Staking".

Time Period8-year DistributionEst. APR Staking Incentives

1st year period




2nd year period




3rd year period



4th year period



5th year period



6th year period



7th year period



8th year period






9th year onwards

20% of Revenue



Note: Floor APR is the estimated lowest possible rate when 100% of circulating supply is staked.

Here are the answer for most frequently asked questions.

  1. How much can I earn? What will be the APY? = Earning depends on the total amount of $CHECKR staked. For year 1, the circulating supply ranges from 100m-300m and 13.5m tokens are allocated for staking rewards. If 40% of the circulating supply is staked, APY will be 40.12% - 11.91%

  2. When can I claim rewards? = Rewards can be claimed daily. After initializing the first staking, it becomes eligible for rewards from the next round.

  3. How many tokens are required for staking? = Minimum required $CHECKR to stake is 3000.

  4. How long is unstaking period? = When staking is initialized, it is locked up for 15 days. After 15 days, unstaking can be done instantly without any penalty.

  5. Is there any penalty for unstaking during the lockup period? = Yes. 20% of unstaked amount is charged as penalty.

  6. How long will this staking last? = Staking of $CHECKR lasts for 8 years. After that, rewards are based on revenue generated by platform.

The staking portal of CheckerChain is unique in terms of the lockup period. When staking is initialized, the lockup period is 15 Epochs (15 days approx.). This lockup period gets reset when re-staking is done. So stakers have the option to stake rewards from another wallet to keep the main staked amount available for instant unstaking without any penalty.

Stakers must be careful about this with a proper strategy to maximize the rewards. Re-staking makes the re-staked amount eligible for reward immediately unlike initial staking which requires running epoch to get completed to be eligible for earning a reward from the next epoch.This system favors the long-term holder and provides better control of their assets.

  • Long-term staking: [ For Future ] The APY rate is fixed for this staking model. Assets are locked for 3 months or 6 months. Rewards can be claimed every epoch after 15 days of initializing staking. The un-staking before the end of the lock period incurs a 20% penalty. The un-staking period is 15 days (number of block duration 215,000). Minimum required CHECKR to stake is 3000.

  • CEX based staking: [ For Future ] The APY rate is fixed for this staking model. Maintained by partnered centralized exchanges

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