The first IEO of $CHECKR tokens will be handled by a centralized exchange XT.COM.
IEO 2: BitMart Exchange
The second IEO of $CHECKR tokens will be handled by a centralized exchange BitMart.
CheckerChain team has planned for IDO in March 2022. Multiple launchpads and exchanges were reached out for this collaboration (with Maiar Launchpad as a priority). Since Maiar Launchpad is doing IDO for ITHEUM project in March, there is no possibility for CheckerChain to do IDO even if it is accepted by Maiar team. Hence, we move forward with other collaborations.
3 Major Collaborations
CheckerChain has collaborated with 3 centralized exchanges for IEO and listings. Based on Coingecko,, the rankings of these exchanges are top 10, top 30, and top 90 respectively. Based on Coinmarketcap, the rankings of all these exchanges are top 40.
Note: We are not able to reveal the names because of NDA.
These exchanges will do IEO for $CHECKR tokens in USDT and their native tokens on separate rounds. We will announce our first IEO details on March 20 as marketing preparations are being worked on.
Listing of $CHECKR token in these exchanges will be paired with USDT (and BTC/ETH later).
Benefits for $CHECKR HODLers
- $CHECKR token HODLers from pre-sale events do not need to suffer from poor liquidity and slippage of DEXes.
- $CHECKR token HODLers can directly send $CHECKR token to exchanges (without any bridge) and trade with USDT.
- Price of $CHECKR token will be higher multi-fold than the previous IDO estimation. (If you got $CHECKR in presale, you're lucky one).
- CheckerChain project will be covered by multiple national and local news outlets.
- All collaborated exchanges have staking, airdrop, and trade competitions that CheckerChain can utilize to boost our community.
What happens to Maiar Listing
A special IDO with a few tokens might happen in our own platform where the Elrond community gets the last chance to buy $CHECKR token with $EGLD at IDO price. 100% of this raised fund will be used for providing liquidity in Maiar. If we skip this IDO, the team will provide sufficient liquidity for a pair in Maiar DEX at later dates.
CheckerChain team will regularly communicate with Maiar and Elrond team for collaboration like Metabonding and Metastaking. However, if we are impacted by poor communication and conflicting deadlines, we move forward with the best opportunities to protect our investors and community.
Note: Since there are multiple IEO rounds and a possible IDO round, trading of $CHECKR token will be pushed further. We apologize for the inconvenience that will impact a few holders. However, the longer-term benefits are massive in comparison to the inconvenience caused by a few weeks of listing delays.